Are We Right For You?  Read What Others Say!

“Wanted to let you know that there has been a noticeable improvement in my foot (and the nerve compression in my leg).  Honestly, it has surprised me when I realize that I have no pain, no spasms….so happy!”

-Lindsey W.

“I was very grateful that Lorine was able to work me in for an emergency session before a flight to a vacation. I was hardly able to move my neck and entire side seized up and Lorine worked wonders to get me loosened up again.  She is a very skilled professional and easy to work with. Thanks so much for your amazing talent.”

- Gaia H.

 “Lorine is fantastic!  She listens to what your goals are and matches her services perfectly.  Her huge variety of massage and her broad knowledge of the body allows for anyone to be 100% cared for during her services.  I personally like a very deep “hurts so good” massage as it provides me with the most relief over the next few weeks, but not everyone enjoys that much pressure.  Lorraine can provide anything you want/need!  Aside from her professional abilities, she is one of the easiest people to talk to and make you feel so comfortable in what could be a very uncomfortable situation.  Believe me…. I know!  I highly recommend Cloud 10 and Lorine for whatever your massage needs are!”

- Alison C.

“I’ve been seeing Lorine  for Swedish/deep-tissue massage for a year, but on the recommendation of (a friend) I tried her Thai massage instead this week. Within ten minutes I’d resolved to come back once a month for this, by the end of 90 minutes I was wondering how I could swing every week.

Everything you’ve read about Thai massage…is true: comfy clothes on, deeeeep stretches with Lori using mainly her hands and forearms to smoothly, gradually, really get in there. What surprised me was the dramatic feeling of release and relief, both physical and mental. Pain dissipated as she pressed and stretched and moved my whole body including areas that I was not aware were tight (groin, stomach, scalp). 

 NOTE: traditional Thai massage is done on the floor, so the therapists do use their feet on you more, but Lori’s version has you up on a comfortable, stable cushioned table so she uses mainly her upper body until she springs like a panther onto the table and then – well, at one point our spines were touching.

 I was also contorted in an amazing position that felt like being folded in half – backwards. We built up to it. Lori told me that even the stiffest of people can benefit from this so I am going to send my husband who complains of pain and stiffness in his legs and back.

 Tip: don’t try to “help” Lori by engaging the muscle she’s working on at all. I kept trying to hold my limbs up for her and she reminded me to give it to her, to drop totally into her arms and let her do all the manipulation. Just let go and let your tensions uncoil. In an hour and a half you will return to work/family with renewed energy and tolerance.”

-Shakti S.


“I have several old sports injuries and cannot go to just anyone for massage therapy. I have been to see Lorine several times, and each time have left feeling well cared for and better all around. Lorine asks excellent questions, actually listens to the answers, and has a strong intuitive sense about how to help her clients. She is incredibly professional, but also projects a strong sense of caring.  I have… always found her to be kind, honest, deeply thoughtful, trustworthy and fair. I highly recommend her massage therapy services.”

-Jennifer B.

“Lorine gave me the best massage that I have ever had!  I was 34 weeks pregnant and a little nervous about getting a massage.  She applied just the right amount of pressure and I was able to lay comfortably on my side(s) the entire time.  My best friend (not pregnant) also got a massage from her and said it was her best massage ever (and we have had a lot of massages).  It is a small but quaint place (and not a chain!).  I would HIGHLY recommend Cloud 10 to everyone.  Lorine was AWESOME!!!  I will definitely be going back there!”

-Maureen H.- prenatal massage

“Lori is without question the best masseuse I have every worked with. I really think of her more as a body worker than a masseuse. My husband has said that getting a massage from Lori feels like having your back opened up and all the parts get moved around and put back in their proper place. I trust her knowledge of the body to help me function at my best. I get a massage with Lori whenever I can and wish that was more often. I recommend her with supreme confidence that friends and strangers will be happy with the result.”

-Stephanie G.

“Lorine is a consummate professional, able to adapt her massage techniques to any situation or needs that arise. She has an intuitive knowledge of the body and can innately sense a client’s needs. Her warm personality and kind spirit complement her vast array of techniques to provide an all encompassing massage tailored to your needs. I would highly recommend Cloud 10 to everyone, whether they think they need massage or not.”

-Gwen B.

“Massage was great–I appreciated you listening to me and my body. I can’t wait to come back!”

-Alicia P.

“The massage was great and I definitely felt more relaxed afterwards.  Thank you, again.”

– Liz Bailey

“Thank you for the great massage on Monday!  It was so relaxing and I do think the swelling in my feet was reduced as a result.”

– Laura B.- prenatal massage

 “Lorine is very professional but also personable and truly caring. She is very knowledgeable and tailors her technique to suit your specific needs and preferences. I love that she… is always on time… It’s the best end to a long day on the slopes. In summary, Lorine Dolby Hoffer gives a darn good massage and you will feel amazing afterward!”

-Mary Helen S.

“I was fortunate to meet Lorine about 6 years ago…and she was phenomenal. I continued to work with…her outcall service in Park City and she never disappoints. Lorine has an uncanny ability to identify trouble areas without your input and always leaves you wondering why you don’t do this more often! I am disappointed that she has left for the DC area but look forward to seeing her upon her return trips to Park City!”

-Jay S.

“Lorine is the best massage therapist we have ever met. Living in a Ski Resort town we have many five star spa options available for massage and we always chose Lorine. My husband and I would happily recommend Lorine to anyone that enjoys a great massage.”

-Linda C.

“Lori has wonderful hands. I have arthritis with many aches and pains. She is great at zoning in on my current problem and providing relief for my pain.  She is personable and thorough. I would recommend Lori to anyone looking for a masseuse on a regular basis.”

-Eileen D. 

“Lorine is a gifted therapist. I am used to weekly massages, I prefer deep tissue, and Lorine provides the best massage I have ever had. She hits the trigger points so when you are finished with the massage, you feel great. She also has given massages to my guests, all of them have raved about the results. I highly recommend Lori for a “cloud 9″ experience.”

-Bobbie C.

“My friends and I call on Lorine every year for our annual trip. We always leave wishing we had a good massage therapist like her in our hometown. Very thorough work, deep tissue but not intrusive and always reliable. We would never use anyone else!!”

-Nikki N.

“I have hired Lorine as a massage therapist several times over the years since 2004. Every massage experience has been professional, relaxing, and I was completely satisfied with Lorine’s service…I would recommend Cloud 10 to anyone!”

-Kay B. 

“I had the pleasure of working with Lorine for 6 years…for my own personal massage therapy. Lorine has an outstanding reputation…for massage….Lorine did exceptional work keeping me pain free and able to perform my job as the Director of Golf.

Lorine combines an exceptional knowledge of massage technique with a personal caring for her patients well being. I highly recommend Lorine for any individual who is looking for massage therapy.”

-Ken W.

“Lorine is an extremely knowledgeable and caring Massage Therapist. She addresses the needs of her guests with specific regard to their individual needs. Not only is she a consummate professional her caring and kindness make her truly a pleasure to work with. Anyone fortunate to receive a massage from Lorine feels healed.”

-Cherie A.

“As a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine, I have worked with many massage therapists over the years. Lorine ranks on the top of the list for her training, knowledge of the body and broad experience. She is an exceptional massage therapist who exemplifies the standards of her profession.”

-Ted B.

“Lorine is  focused on making my experience what I want – depending on the day she will de-stress me, un-knot me, or re-charge me energetically. She is very connected to her patient’s energy and works with it to optimize the time (which always goes by so fast…) “

-Madison H.

 “Lorine has the magic touch. She is a true professional and was always attentive of my needs and concerns. I can truly say that she is one of the top massage therapists I have ever been too.”

-Cheryl A.

“I received my first massage from Lorine. She taught me what to expect, the benefits of massage and what to look for in a massage therapist when I moved away. I can give no stronger recommendation than to say she has magic hands and is the standard to which I have compared all subsequent massage therapists.”

-Tanya P.

 “Lorine runs her therapy practice with utmost professionalism and reliability. She is an expert in massage therapy, is compassionate and understanding, and uses her strength and healing hands to restore you. She is highly highly recommended for anyone in the market for a wonderful therapist.”

-Hani H.

“Lori is fantastic; she’s got powerful hands, but knows that balance between very strong hands and knowing when to back off a muscle knot. She reads me really well, and since she’s done her share of endurance cycling, she’s very familiar with what muscles might hurt a cyclist. I never had to tell her what hurt, she could tell, and usually found something I didn’t even know was tight! I’ve moved away from Arlington, and she’s since moved back to Arlington from Utah, but it would be worth the trip to have Lori’s strong hands fix me. I miss you Lori!!!”

-Julie M. H.

“Holy cow, does this therapist have amazing hands. I always get huge knots in my neck and shoulders, so it’s a struggle to find someone who can handle my stiff neck, but Lori gave me an amazing massage that was deep, but didn’t hurt me. Completely thorough – I felt completely melted by the time I left! Also booked a second appointment for me, and one for my husband, who also loved it. Highly recommend her to melt your troubles away!”

-Marni C.

 “I first came to you for location and I continue to come to you because you do great work and seem to enjoy and care about client relationships. Also, you have a great personality and are easy/nice to chat with.  I will spread the word of Lorine with the magic hands!”

-Pryce Q.

 “Lori is a massage therapist who cares about the needs of each client, individually, to deliver restorative results. She is knowledgeable, fun, skilled. If she lived near me, I would hire her on a regular basis to progress my healing and my health. I appreciate her expertise and willingness to spend time guiding me to appropriate resources and better health. She is fabulous!”

-Meg L.

“Truly the best massage I’ve ever had. It’s amazing!”

-Geri M.

“Phenomenal. That was the best massage I’ve had in years.”

- Tim H.

“Lorine is a wonderfully gifted and professional massage therapist who worked with me to attain my massage therapy goals of relaxation and pain relief. Her considerable knowledge of massage and ability to use various massage techniques is truly top-rate!”

-Leslie K.

 “Wow.  Lori is amazing.  Strong hands, but doesn’t overwork your muscles.  She could read me so well that she found areas that I didn’t even know were tight. As a cyclist it really helps that Lori’s been an endurance cyclist–she knows what to look at.  I don’t even have to tell her what hurts, she can tell, and she’ll find it.

Most massage therapists aren’t strong enough to do a 1 hour massage and get the rocks out of my muscles, but Lori’s got the strongest hands I’ve ever encountered!  I can’t wait for my next massage.”

-Julie H.

“Lorine’s focus is on an individual’s needs. She asks each client questions before beginning a session. Too, she encourages client feedback and listens to one’s body during the massage, changing her massage accordingly. Being a bicyclist, my needs may be different from session to session.”

- Gordon M.

“I came to Lorine because one of her professors at the massage school she attended told me that she me was the most gifted therapist she had seen. The professor was right! Lorine was a tremendous help in breaking up post surgical scar tissue and getting rid of my aches and pains resulting from many surgeries.”

- Niesa H.

“Thank you for all of the wonderful massages you’ve given me. You don’t know how I looked forward to them. Thank you especially for coming to my home when I was on bed rest during my second pregnancy. How you managed to massage a 9 month-pregnant woman on a bed is beyond me, but you did it! And it truly made a big difference to me physically and mentally as well.”

- Sarah M.

“I had chronic neck and shoulder pain which was kept at bay by Lorine’s deep tissue massage. She also has a most pleasant manner- a must for any massage therapist!”

-Karen N.

“…the best massage therapist my husband and I have ever used in our more than 40 cumulative years of being massage aficionados… she is always attuned to her customer’s needs (and) has magic fingers.”

-Lucy B.

“You always pay particular attention to detail and… note my particular preferences… making the experience more specific to me each time and more enjoyable.”

-Keith S.

“Lorine demonstrates compassion towards her clients and follows their lead in the type of massage their body needs each session. She is able to determine easily through touch which areas are most sensitive and how to relax these muscles. She provides a warm and caring atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and improved wellness.”

-Rhonda N.

“We always aspired to reach “cloud nine” in all we do but were pleasantly surprised to reach “Cloud 10″ under the wonderfully manipulative hands of Lorine.”

- Lois & Norm H.