Sleeping like crap?

Been wearing your grumpy pants?

Sick of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected

during this forced isoation?


You are not alone.


Aching and ready to reboot, recharge, and

feel more rested & relaxed?

(That’s a lot of Rs!)


Join us for a 5 Day VIP* Evolution to help you shift from

Isolation Stress to your kick ass Connected Best!

We will have three group connection calls, online community, daily meditations, fun challenges, and more. No judgement. No pressure. Just a safe community with plenty of positive, revitalizing conversation and ideas.
A maximum of 10 people per group helps you feel seen and heard.

Finish your mini-session with a renewed sense of connection
to yourself and others.

Join solo or invite your friends!

Kick your Isolation Stress to the curb.

You are NOT in this alone. Register now!




Next Session- Mon, April 27 to Friday, May 1



Regularly priced at $179,

I’m offering this for only $79 during our forced isolation.

When the world opens back up, the price returns to normal.


Ready for your VIP Evolution? Join us now!




*VIP = Virtual Isolation Perspective

“Lori came into my life as a fellow entrepreneur and massage therapist. She is so much more than that. Her patience, wisdom, and superhuman ability to actively listen is her real gift. Talking to her is better than therapy. In times of crisis, mental massage is crucial, and Lori’s the best.”