Explore A Deeper Level of Intimacy and Communication With Your Partner

Human touch and communication. Two things we all crave, and two things that seem to be lacking in our modern “electronic” society. Use massage therapy to strengthen your physical and emotional relationship.

During your hands-on training, you will learn the benefits of massage, how to create a relaxing environment, what to do with your body when doing massage so it doesn’t hurt, basic Swedish massage strokes, and “how” to give your partner a massage.  Lorine will work with you to customize a private training that meets the needs of you and your partner, addressing your specific concerns and questions. You will each work in tandem with Lorine so you have hands on experience to build skill and confidence.

This private class will leave you with a renewed confidence to share massage with your loved ones.  A great gift for a wedding, anniversary, or surprise “date night in.”  Please contact us for more information.

$345/three hour private training at our Arlington office – This includes the choice of doing the training on a massage table or on the floor.  We offer this choice because not everyone has a massage table at home to use.

$395/three hour private training in your home- You choose if you’d like me to bring my table or work on the floor/futon.

There is no travel fee for sites within 10 miles of the Arlington office.  Sites greater than 10 miles will incur a $1/mile charge after the first 10 miles.

* Beds are not a good choice for training for two main reasons. 1) They make it difficult for the giver to use proper body mechanics and 2) they are squishy and put the receiver sinks in too much. However, futons and mats on the floor work well.*