“Hey, what’s this coaching crap? Are you going to blow a whistle and yell commands? Will you give me exercises?”

No… no whistles here. I leave that to my daughter’s soccer coaches. I’m not into yelling, either. I’ve never found it that effective. *Initiate shut down mode*  And I’m not a personal trainer, exercise physiologist, or physical therapist. If you’re looking for physical fitness and accountability, those are great people to start with. I may offer your brain and heart exercises, and I’ll even guide you through them. No whistles needed.

“Will you tell me what to eat, what supplements to take, and how to lose weight?

Nope. That’s a nutrition coach. They have specific training in exactly that and can help answer all those questions.

The weight you can lose with me is the weight of other people’s “shoulds” and expectations.  The weight of your emotional load. The weight of  keeping silent when your voice is begging to be heard.  The weight of your life that stresses you out and tightens your muscles, not your pants. Those are the weights we will explore.

“So what then.. Are you one of these “life coaches” I hear about? Are you going to tell me how to live a better life? Are you going to fix me?”

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or fix you. (And neither are “those life coaches.”) It’s YOUR life. And you don’t need fixing because (spoiler alert!) you’ve never been broken!

I’m here to help you see, own, and embody that you already know how you want to live your life. The goal is to help you wake up the connection between your body and your brain so you can ditch the physical pain and stress patterns, give your overthinking brain a rest, tap into your heart, and embrace what it’s been trying to tell you while your head was dominating the conversation.

It’s like the brain is that person at the party who simply won’t SHUT UP and the heart is the wall flower in the corner, hanging out listening, until someone gently coaxes and guides it to speak up. And then WHOA… does it have a lot to say from all that time observing! It knows… it simply wants to be seen and invited to be heard.

BodyMind Coaching is about moving from being “I’m stuck, meh…” to “F*ck yeah!” It’s a conversation of awareness, growth, and change so you can fully embrace and embody your innate awesome that’s been hiding & denied thanks to bossy beliefs & patterns that often came from outside your control. It’s the change that you know you want, yet seems juuuussssttt out of reach. This is your chance to claim it.

No whistles. No yelling. No fixing. No bossing around. Just empowering you to claim what you’ve always known so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’re done tolerating and committed to change, let’s talk. Email me now and we’ll set up a 30 minute exploration call to decide on the best fit.

Go ahead… Own Your Awesome.