In-person sessions are currently suspended until I can safely and joyfully welcome you back to the office.


Virtual “massage for the mind” is available to help you deal with any stress & tension you’re feeling in your body.


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For those who’ve asked about financially contribution/supporting me during this challenging time, please reach out directly.

Many thanks for all your support as we navigate this forced pause.

(Last updated 7/28/2020)

Are You Ready to Understand Your Body and

Kick Stress & Pain to the Curb?

Do you see massage as part of staying healthy?  As a tool for preventing pain and injury?  

As a working relationship between you and your therapist?  

Then Cloud 10-Customized Massage Therapy is for you!


Why Choose Us

  • Customization-  We actively listen to our clients and their bodies and customize every massage.   We  believe that each massage should be specifically focused on what you want and need that day.

  • Relationships- When we work with clients, their bodies speak to our hands and we intuit where to go and what needs to be done. We have a true passion for what we do and in finding answers in an effort to help others. We don’t just “do massage”, we build relationships.

  • Experience-  We have over 15 years’ professional experience. When you find therapists with a passion for the work, and the experience to back it up, then you will be able to take massage to the next level.

  • Time- We will not rush you or your massage.  You will receive your full scheduled time on the table, not a 50 minute “spa hour.”

  • Quality. Not Quantity- We schedule for quality so every client gets 100% of our attention.  While we are capable of doing 6 or 7 hours of massage in a day we choose not to allowing us to focus on quality for our clients and self-care for your therapist.  Taking care of ourselves ensures the optimal massage experience for you.

What Clients Say

I have several old sports injuries and cannot go to just anyone for massage therapy. I have been to see Lorine several times, and each time have left feeling well cared for and better all around. Lorine asks excellent questions, actually listens to the answers, and has a strong intuitive sense about how to help her clients. She is incredibly professional, but also projects a strong sense of caring.  I have… always found her to be kind, honest, deeply thoughtful, trustworthy and fair. I highly recommend her massage therapy services.
Jennifer B.
Lorine gave me the best massage that I have ever had!  I was 34 weeks pregnant and a little nervous about getting a massage.  She applied just the right amount of pressure and I was able to lay comfortably on my side(s) the entire time.  My best friend (not pregnant) also got a massage from her and said it was her best massage ever (and we have had a lot of massages).  It is a small but quaint place (and not a chain!).  I would HIGHLY recommend Cloud 10 to everyone.  Lorine was AWESOME!!!  I will definitely be going back there!
Maureen H.
As a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine, I have worked with many massage therapists over the years. Lorine ranks on the top of the list for her training, knowledge of the body and broad experience. She is an exceptional massage therapist who exemplifies the standards of her profession.
Ted Bezemer, ProForm Athletics
I came to Lorine because one of her professors at the massage school she attended told me that she me was the most gifted therapist she had seen. The professor was right! Lorine was a tremendous help in breaking up post surgical scar tissue and getting rid of my aches and pains resulting from many surgeries.
Niesa H.


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